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How to Mind Map Your Brand’s Future
posted by  Caroline Roe, Director of Quantitative Research

Here at Insights in Marketing, we’re constantly helping clients navigate strategic challenges while also continuously working to better understand consumers’ motivations and behaviors. In doing so, we have leveraged a variety of tools over the years to work through business questions and bring a sense of order to what can often feel like chaos. One such tool is the Mind Map.Arrow

Curious Minds are Paging Dr. Freud
posted by  Jessica Ritzo, Director of Qualitative Research

There’s a time and a place for traditional, quantitative, survey-based methods. But today, more and more insights seekers are finding that a good ol’ dose of armchair psychology can also work wonders when working with consumers. Arrow

Getting at the Voice and the Mind of the Consumer through Qualitative Research

IIM’s Consumer Behavior Consultant, Chad Hinkle, discusses best practices in qualitative research for capturing both the voice and the mind of the consumer.Arrow

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