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Happy Anniversary: Lessons to Grow By
posted by  Gary Kash, Owner/Consultant

As the 25th anniversary approaches, it's important to reflect upon two of the most crucial lessons learned through the years: how the evolution of brand proposition is critical to growth and to keep in mind the fundamentals from Marketing 101.Arrow

Download our latest eBook 'Capturing Competitive Advantage: Using Insights to Tame the Strategic Planning Beast'
posted by  Brian Fletcher, VP of Consulting Services

Want to capture competitive advantage in strategic planning? Start by understanding the consumer! Download IIM's latest eBook for tips, tools and best practices to use insights to tame the strategic planning beast.Arrow

Make The Best Better: Improve Your Marketing To Women (A Closer Look At Citibank)
posted by  Tinesha Craig, Division Director

Citibank scales the heights of marketing to women with their mountain climbing ad. Here’s how they can take their latest campaign to even greater heights!Arrow

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