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Consumer Empathy: The New Black for Marketers?
posted by  Laura Bernier, Senior Strategic Planner

What is consumer empathy and which brands are doing it well in today's marketplace? Read more to find out!Arrow

Beyond “Yummy”: How Premium Brands Can Capture 20% of American Men
posted by  Chad Hinkle, Consumer Behavior Consultant

Premium brands were recently introduced to a consumer target of passionate, big spenders: young, urban males - better known as a "Yummies." Here you can find out more about these men and the strategies you need in order to attract them to your brand.Arrow

Three Keys to Better Concept Development
posted by  Brian Fletcher, VP of Consulting Services

There are three key elements critical for driving consumer appeal and purchase interest: habits, values and personality. Here's how you can utilize those elements to help your consumer connect with your concept at their core. Arrow

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