May 15, 2012

Successfully Marketing to HER

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Open any magazine or newspaper, read any blog or watch any news program and you will notice one resonate theme in today's marketing news...MARKETING TO WOMEN IS A BUSINESS IMPERATIVE.

Most of these studies cite key facts like:

  • Women are responsible for influencing or making about 85% of household purchase decisions
  • For the first time in history, women represent a majority of the workforce (51%)
  • The purchasing power of women is estimated at $5 Trillion in the US and $20 Trillion globally

Whether you have the perspective that we are suffering a man-cession or the emergence of a she-conomy it is easy to see that women are an increasingly important part of marketing dialog.  Everyone from brand managers to politicians is grappling with how to more effectively attract HER.

We recently attended PME Enterprises 8th Annual Marketing to Women Conference and learned (1) that there is a lot being done to help brands better understand the importance of this demographic; (2) there is a lot of data on what really matters to women; and, (3) there are plenty of examples of how NOT to market to women.  Most importantly, what this year's conference magnified is that to effectively go after this target brands must:

  1. Develop…products with her in mind:  It is not simply enough to include her in your media buy; she will be drawn toward products that are designed specifically for and that clearly reflect HER needs, wants, and delights.  For example, Harley Davidson is targeting women with bikes designed specifically for them -- think low-slung machines, special seats, handle bars, and foot gearshifts. And it is paying off for them, Harley-Davidson said that two-thirds of women who bought big bikes in the U.S. last year bought Harleys (source: Fox Business).
  2. Market…your brand in a way that connects with HER:In the right way, at the right time and in the right place.  For years communication to her has been largely stereotypical portraying her as the dutiful homemaker, perfect beauty and/or overwhelmed superwoman.  With trite images such as these it is no wonder why 91% of women surveyed said that advertisers don't understand them. One of the most common examples of success in connecting with HER  is the Dove campaign that used authentic women instead of traditional models in TV and print ads.  After all, we aren't all modern day Martha Stewarts with bodies like Heidi Klum!
  3. Nail the sales pitchat the point of purchase:  Make sure your traditionally male dominated sales force knows how to communicate with retailers, distributors, or franchisees in a way that helps them merchandize and sell to HER.  


The success of your marketing efforts will either succeed or fail based on how well companies address each of the above.  Excellence in one of these often will not overwhelm deficiencies in one of the other areas. 

For over 23 years Insights in Marketing has helped brands develop impactful products and marketing plans that effectively appeal to HER.  We are expanding our capabilities and look forward to sharing how we can help you increase your Female IQ and improve the impact of your marketing efforts.  Stay tuned!





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