Qualitative Research

Getting at the Voice and the Mind of the Consumer through Qualitative Research

IIM’s Consumer Behavior Consultant, Chad Hinkle, discusses best practices in qualitative research for capturing both the voice and the mind of the consumer.More

Is it Time to Update Your Existing Research?
posted by  Christine Holt, Sr. Marketing Consultant

Data starts to age as soon as it’s collected, so what’s the expected shelf life of your research? Learn from IIM’s experts on when it’s okay to hold off updating your research versus when it’s best to re-field.More

What NOT to Look For in a Qualitative Marketing Research Partner (Part 2 of 2)
posted by  Ron Raskin, Owner/Consultant

In part two of his blog series on choosing qualitative research partners, IIM’s owner, Ron Raskin, highlights what you SHOULD NOT look for in a partner. You'll be surprised at what made his list!More

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