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Female Behavioral Insight Profiles (FBI ProfilesTM)

FBI Profile Dimensions Going Beyond Traditional Research

Traditional research methods don't always unearth insights that help marketers connect and motivate women.

These methods often focus on what you can measure (typically demographics and behavior) and what she will share (what she wants the world to believe about her). Interestingly, it is often what women may not or cannot articulate that really drives her behavior.

Our research approach gets directly at what really motivates her. Why? Because we:
  • Leverage 60 years of psychological research to get at subconscious motivators
  • Use indirect vs. direct question sequence to prevent typical conscious responses
  • Triangulate probing to ensure consistency of response
Five Types of Women Every Marketer Must Know!

Our unique approach has enabled us to conclude that women are not as complex as you might think. There are five core motivators that distinguish women. These insights are captured in our five Female Behavioral Insight Profiles (FBI ProfilesTM) which are a Myers-Briggs® like tool designed to understand how to communicate with and motivate women.

Female Behavioral Insight (FBI) Profiles
Better Insight Leads to Better Marketing.

Insights from the FBI ProfilesTM can provide clients with direction on:

  • Who to target
  • How she runs her household
  • Female needs and values
  • Deeply ingrained habits and potential barriers
  • Personalities
  • Communication styles and preferences (tone, etc.)
  • How to more effectively connect to and motivate women
  • How to distinguish your brand from competition

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