IIM on Today.com: Dads struggle to shake Mr. Mom syndrome

March 7, 2014

While working moms are commonplace, Insights in Marketing's research has shown that men are having a tougher time shedding the image that they should be the big breadwinner.

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MediaPost Blog: Consider This When Marketing to Women

July 11, 2013

Insights in Marketing's latest research on the 5 female profiles that matter when marketing to women was featured in a recent MediaPost Blog.

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i-on-Women Team’s Research & Perspective Featured in Adweek!

February 25, 2013

Insights in Marketing weighs in on the effectiveness of female marketing today and the need to push beyond clichés to connect with women in the latest issue of Adweek.

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i-on-Women Study Highlights Top Brands that are Marketing to Women Effectively

December 5, 2012

Is your brand marketing to women effectively? IIM's i-on-Women team found that most brands (even the top brands) have room for improvement.

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US Firm to Keep an 'i-on-Women'

November 28, 2012

Chicago-based Insights in Marketing (IIM) has launched a new division ‘i-on-Women’, dedicated to understanding female consumers.

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