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IIM Plays Key Role in ConAgra’s Gold ARF Ogilvy Award Win

April 20, 2012

Ogilvy AwardInsights in Marketing was recently recognized for playing an integral role in ConAgra's Advertising Research Foundation (ARF) David Ogilvy Award win.   ConAgra Foods walked away with the gold in the Package Goods Category for the Hunt's® 'Crash Kitchen Tour' campaign.   The Ogilvy Awards recognize and celebrate the critical role played by consumer research in identifying insights and translating them to produce a spectacular advertising campaign.

Insights in Marketing's Senior Consultant, Gail Joseph played a crucial role in building Hunt's advertising strategy for the 'Crash Kitchen Tour'.  Gail and the IIM Team conducted consumer focus groups and IDIs from 2008-2010 that uncovered key, strategic insights that contributed to the Hunt's brand positioning and the key pillars of its campaign communications.  Overall, IIM's research led to the effective communication of consumers' gold standard - tomatoes that deliver "backyard garden fresh taste." This "backyard garden fresh taste" was reinforced by ConAgra's FlashSteam™ process and was the key message in the Crash Kitchen Tour TV ads featuring celebrity chef George Duran. 

Gail and the IIM Team were also actively involved in testing the 'Crash Kitchen Tour' campaign among target users and adapting the campaign overtime to be more meaningful and executable across multiple media channels.    IIM's research showed consumers responded well to the documentary-style ads featuring real people and real world settings.

Launched in November 2009 and still active today, the 'Crash Kitchen Tour' ad campaign has helped grow Hunt's market share, household penetration, and sales velocity.   The campaign's creative approach has also proved to the most 'effective and efficient' in the brand's history.   IIM congratulates our clients at ConAgra for a job well done and looks forward to continuing to help our clients generate actionable, meaningful insights that lead to compelling advertising.

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