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Tinesha Craig, Division Director

TineshaTinesha is a driven consumer marketing executive with over 15 years leveraging best-in-class consumer research tools and techniques to identify insights, analyze and synthesize data that fuel strategy development.  She has worked for top consumer goods companies like General Mills, Kraft ad PepsiCo, contributing to the success of well-known brands like Oscar Mayer, Tropicana, Cheerios and more.  Additionally, her consulting experience exposed her to a broad array of businesses from hospitality to wine and a wide array of methods and techniques. 

Recently, Tinesha spoke at The 9th Annual Marketing to Women Conference where she received this years' "Take the Cake Award" given to the speaker who presents the most innovative insight and information on how to improve sales and marketing results with today's women.

She is a dedicated professional whose chief motivation is developing strategies that have impact.  A native of the Midwest, Tinesha received her bachelor's degree from Florida A&M University and her MBA from Penn State University.

Contact Tineshatinesha@insightsinmarketing.com

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