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Providing actionable results isn’t just something we say. It’s something we do. Our team of experienced consultants have partnered with industries across the board—from food and beverage to sports and entertainment—to authentically connect consumers with brands. We understand people, we know marketing and we uncover insights. It’s what we do. Read on to learn how our marketing research has helped brands like yours solve big problems and see even bigger end results.

Food & Beverage

The food and beverage industry remains highly competitive and with competition comes challenges – like many more new products vying for consumers’ every-demanding taste buds. Learn more about some of the work we’ve been doing with food and beverage clients.

Food & Beverage

Health & Wellness

Most consumers want to look and feel their best. But the means to do so are becoming ever more advanced, especially when it comes to biotech. Consumers want to be accurately informed on these types of products. Find out more on we discovered when working with a health and wellness client.

Travel & Entertainment

Consumer dollars spent towards travel and entertainment often fall under the umbrella of discretionary income. As a result, it’s more important than ever to understand what resonates with consumers. Learn more about how we worked with a professional sports franchise to do just that.

Travel & Entertainment

Durable & Household Goods

Perhaps nothing better reflects brand loyalty better than consumer behavior towards household and durable goods. But that doesn’t mean consumer behavior remains stagnant and so neither should your marketing research. See some of the interesting approaches we’ve taken to conducting consumer research using in-home video.


Retailers are often the first to feel any shift in consumer behavior. This places a great demand upon being in tune with your target audience. Marketing research can be the key to this understanding. Take a look at how we helped one retailer dive directly into their target market’s shopping behavior.


I think what sets IIM apart is their ability to dig beyond just the surface of what consumers say and get into the deeper motivations of what drives all of us as humans. That understanding, plus their years of marketing and brand building expertise, make them an invaluable partner to our business.

Jami Guthrie

VP Consumer Insights and Business Analytics, S.C. Johnson

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