Durable Goods

Durable Goods

  • Our Client: Elmer’s
  • The Industry: Durable Goods
  • Our Tools: In-Person Qualitative and Quantitative Research

The Challenge

Elmer's had worked with local experts and moms to create the first line of glue products specifically developed for younger children, the Early Learners glue stick and glue pen. Elmer's came to IIM to help determine the optimal messaging and pricing for their new product launch.

Client Objectives

  • Determine the most salient product benefits
  • Pin-point how to best communicate they key product benefits on package
  • Understand pricing expectations and optimize for launch
  • Identify which of two packaging options would be the most motivating for purchasers

Our Customized Approach

IIM utilized the findings of consumer focus groups to identify the weaknesses in one of the products. After Elmer's redesigned that product, an additional round of focus groups with the same participants and an in-home usage component showed that the initial weaknesses had now been turned into strengths. Our findings also provided insight into what information should be communicated on the package to highlight the products’ unique features and benefits. Quantitative research identified the optimal package and price for launch.

The Results

Through our research, we were able to:

  • Define a product challenge before launch, allowing for successful course correction
  • Understand the higher order benefit for moms and children (independence) and how the product features added to that benefit
  • Identify the most compelling package design and pricing for launch
  • Assist Elmer’s in the successful launch of their new products, gaining immediate distribution in key retailers like Walmart and Target, as well as recognition from prominent mommy-bloggers

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