• Our Client: Elmer’s
  • The Industry: Durable Goods
  • Our Tools: In-Person Qualitative and Quantitative Research

The Challenge

Elmer’s is partnering with another consumer goods company to launch a new line of home organization products leveraging their Ever STIK technology.

Client Objectives

  • Identify a product line positioning, name and package graphic design that would best convey the product line benefit and generate consumer purchase interest
  • Identify a cost and time sensitive research approach that would enable Elmer’s to make a confident decision in their launch strategy

Our Customized Approach

In-Person Focus Groups to obtain consumer perceptions on the product line concept and to explore positioning areas and potential product line names

  • Three 90-minute focus groups in one market
  • Group flow:  (1) category, positioning and concept discussion (2) name exploration including mood board exercise  (3) Preference and summary discussion

Same Day Online Quantitative/Qualitative to refine naming options and measure which name option and package graphic option is strongest

  • 2 Live 60 minute online sessions N=75/session
  • The Team gathered in-person to view the live session – included Marketing, Packaging, Packaging development agency, and IIM Consultant
  • Online interview flow:  exposure to product line concept and video of how product line works, rotated exposure of package/name combinations, assessment of overall package/name impressions, purchase interest, main message, likes/dislikes, uniqueness, need fulfillment, additional information consumer want on package, usage perceptions, fit with brand, preferred package/name design, stores expected to see product in, expected store location of product
  • Open-ends are woven into the interview to understand the “whys” behind the numbers as the results come across.
  • Results tallied, mined & discussed in real time among the team to gain understanding and add additional probes, as needed.

Key Insights

  • Versatility, reusability, not harming walls and help with organization were drivers of product line interest
  • Naming, on-pack communication and design should highlight customization, calm and control in an attractive, fun way along with the functional benefits of repositionable and reusable
  •  Key elements to enhance communication include:
    •          How many times can the product be reused and retain its adhesive properties
    •          What surfaces the products are safe for use on
    •          Strong visual proof one of the products can hold 10 pounds
    •          How the technology works in a simple and easy to understand way


Move forward with the top scoring package/name design making the following adjustments:

  • Include additional visuals and/or language to provide credibility the one product can hold 10 pounds
  • Determine an alternative expression for how to communicate the technology
  • Communicate how often the product can be reused on the back of the package
  • Explore design refinements to dial-up the tone/color of the package to help drive shelf-pop

Results & Outcomes

Product was launched successfully in market, partnering with limited retailers.

Client Impact

Client was able to obtain qualitative direction on the most preferred name and package design along with quantitative input to help further guide optimization efforts.  All this was able to happen within a 2.5 hour period enabling the client to optimize the name and package quickly and launch on time.

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