• Our Client: Marzetti
  • The Industry: Food & Beverage
  • Our Tools: In-Person Focus Groups, Online Quantitative Survey with Discrete Choice


Marzetti is restaging and repositioning one of their core products – Veggie Dips. This involves changes to packaging graphics, packaging structure/size, and price to fit with the repositioning effort and drive share.

The Challenge:

  • Prioritize package design options and key elements that best communicate repositioning direction.
  • Determine best combination of package design, price, and package structure/size based on the expected volumetric impact.

Our Customized Approach:

In-Person Focus Groups: Refine and narrow down the most promising package designs, sizes and shapes for further quantitative testing.

Online Quantitative Survey with Discrete Choice: Identify the best combination of package design and pricing to lead to sales increases.

Key Insights:

  1. Three designs performed well when communicating new positioning direction during in-person focus groups.
  2. Four key package design factors were identified and recommended to be built into the next phase of optimization prior to quantitative testing. They were:
    • Depict a variety of food types the product is to be used with to drive appetite appeal and enable consumers to visualize product use
    • Drive appetite appeal through the use of bold and vibrant colors
    • Flavor designator needs to clearly communicate & differentiate between flavors at a glance
    • Show the product inside the package so consumers are assured of what they’re getting
  1. Quantitatively, one design delivered on all key success criteria for desired communication and share increases, so was recommended to move forward.
  2. Increasing price was shown to have twice the negative impact on projected sales vs. decreasing package size. Therefore, it was recommended to decrease the size of the package and hold the price point.

Key Recommendations:

Smaller Package at a Lower Price Point Visualize Product Use Bold, Vibrant Colors Clear Flavor Label Display Product Itself

Marzetti's Packaging Before and After

The Results:

  1. The client launched recommended veggie dip re-stage packaging direction based on key insights uncovered.
  2. Learnings and research approach are being applied to sub-brands within the Marzetti Dips product portfolio to further improve the brand’s overall presence on shelf.

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