A quick turn in-person or online qualitative or quantitative research approach for when traditional timelines won’t work. iimPronto delivers consumer insights and feedback in just 7 days including a report with insights and recommendations. 

Why Choose iimPronto?

  1. We’ve developed a simplified screening process that enables us to more quickly:
    • Recruit up to 30 qualitative respondents.
    • Execute up to 5 quantitative monadic cells with 200 respondents/cell.
    • Recruit valued and diverse consumer groups.
  2. We’ve also streamlined our analysis process so we can get you a report with insights and recommendations in just a couple of days.

Ready to Get IIMPronto?

Need quick feedback on your latest product launch, concepts, package designs or consumer messages? Schedule a consultation with Brian Fletcher or Caroline Roe to learn more by calling 847.744.8554 or contact us below!


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The pace of business is moving faster than ever and sometimes the consumer research just can't be completed in enough time to influence marketing decisions and this can mean big missteps for brands of every industry.

Whether it's identifying the lead concept for a new product launch, determining which package design best appeals to consumers, which message best resonates with consumers or what attitudes and perceptions consumers have regarding a topic, Insights in Marketing strives to ensure every brand decision can be inspired by the consumer voice.

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