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All of our solutions are built using creativity and proven industry approaches and techniques. We begin each project with a discovery call to ensure we understand your issue, next we determine the best research solution for your unique challenge, then we talk it over with you and we’re off executing and reporting!

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Our qualitative solutions are what allow us to deeply understand consumer emotions and extract consumer truths.

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Our hybrid solutions are what allow us to deliver on client objectives when a qualitative or quantitative approach just isn’t enough.

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Our quantitative solutions are what allow us to quantify and validate consumer attitudes, perceptions and behaviors with statistical reliability.

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  • How can I uniquely position my brand to stand out?
  • What key consumer brand/product metrics should I be tracking over time?
  • What brand benefits matter most to my target? 
  • Which advertising concept best translates your intended marketing messages?
  • Which package design communicates the key benefits of my product and stands out on the shelf?
  • How can I optimize advertising executions so they resonate more with consumers?
  • How can I ensure that my website allows for a positive user experience?
  • Which consumer markets represent the greatest potential for my brand?
  • How does my target market perceive my products and/or services?
  • How are consumers using my product or my competitors' products?
  • How can I better understand my consumers’ drivers and motivations?
  • How can I optimize my merchandising to improve shopability? 
  • What growth opportunities should my company and/or brand pursue?
  • How can I mix and match features and benefits to create the most compelling offering?
  • Which of my new product ideas or concepts will resonate with consumers?
  • How can I synthesize my existing consumer research and leverage it to create new ideas?
  • What types of opportunities exist for me to grow my business within my category?
  • How do consumers see my brand vs. my brand's key competitors?
  • What opportunities exist to expand usage within my category?
  • How are consumers reacting to news or innovation from my competition?
  • What are the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of key players within my category?
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How We Deliver

Custom-built, proven research approaches

Curious, intuitive & passionate consultants

In-depth & actionable insights

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