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You know capturing the consumer voice is critical when it comes to making the best possible decisions for your brands. But let’s face it, the pace of business is moving faster than it ever has often causing consumer research to be skipped all together; which as you know, can have disastrous consequences on revenue, market share and profitability. Don’t accept that this has to be the case; read on to learn more about how Insights in Marketing can help you capture the consumer voice while still meeting your decision deadlines.

i2Q Same Day Qualitative & Quantitative

i2Q Same Day Quantitative and Qualitative

Drawing on over 20 years of experience collaborating with some of the biggest companies in the world, we have the expertise to deliver customized research results that help your brand better connect with its target consumers. Our same day research combines quantitative and qualitative approaches to deliver both in-depth and measurement insights in a time-efficient manner.

i2Q In Person:

In-Person sessions with consumers in 1+ markets consisting of a quantitative measurement session followed by an in-depth in-person qualitative session.

i2Q Online:

Online sessions with a national or representative sample of target consumers consisting of an online quantitative measurement survey followed by in-depth online qualitative probing.

Issues Most Commonly Used For:

  • Concept testing & refinement
  • Positioning testing & refinement
  • Package design optimization & testing
  • Print ad testing & development
  • TV ad testing & development
  • Website testing & development

iimPronto In Person or Online Qualitative or Quantitative in 7 days

 In-person or Online Qualitative or Quantitative

A quick turn in-person or online qualitative or quantitative research approach for when traditional timelines won’t work. iimPronto delivers consumer insights and feedback in just 7 days including a report with insights and recommendations.

We’ve developed a simplified screening process that enables us to more quickly:

  • Recruit up to 30 qualitative respondents.
  • Execute up to 5 quantitative monadic cells with 200 respondents/cell.
  • Recruit valued and diverse consumer groups.

We’ve also streamlined our analysis process so we can get you a report with insights and recommendations in just a couple of days.

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