Hybrid Approaches

Sometimes a challenge can’t be solved with a single methodology. That's where our hybrid research designs come into play. At Insights in Marketing, our ability to combine qualitative and quantitative research with online and offline approaches is what makes it possible to reach your objectives—no matter what. One hybrid solution includes:

In-Person, Same Day Quantitative & Qualitative

Same Day Quantitative and Qualitative

This is a two-part, same day research approach that leverages quantitative survey data to inform qualitative exploration. The approach uses the same sample of respondents for the quantitative and qualitative and can be conducted online or offline based on project objectives.

Key benefits of this approach:
  • Immediate ability to identify top ideas, concepts, packaging, etc...
  • Assessment of key drivers of appeal and purchase intent
  • Easy-to digest, real-time results that enables faster decision making
  • Team can strategically select which consumers they would like to participate in the qualitative portion of the research

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