iimForum is about building Insights and Understanding Over Time. In-Person or Online Qualitative Forums for Deeper, Longer-Term Understanding. Typically range from 15 to 200 people and can last from a few months to a few years. Engagements over the life of the forum have infinite possibilities from co-creation and on-premise work to shop-a-longs and product tasting.

Consumer Insights

With our iimForum research, we are able to gather information and opinions in an efficient and interesting way – in-person or on-line!

Our consumer forums can last weeks or even years, and we always deign them to meet your specific learning objectives.

Insights in Marketing has created and managed a variety of consumer forums, including but not limited to:

General Population Forum

Recruited for a variety of projects, these forums are screened based on their usage behavior

Trend-Setter Forum

Comprised of early-adopters, or trend-setters, trend-setters help companies understand what is coming up next in a particular industry.

Brand-Lover Forum

Made up of brand-loving consumers who have been recruited as such, these forums understand functionality of products/services without brand equity getting in the way.

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