Qualitative Designs

Successful qualitative market research allows you to connect with your target audience and evoke feedback that answers why people do what they do.  At Insights in Marketing, our in-person and technology-based qualitative designs go beyond the surface of top-of-mind reactions and behavior traits.  We do this by applying a variety of exploratory and figurative language techniques, including but not limited to mind mapping, image and card sorts and personification exercises. When this combination of research is paired with the experience levels and marketing background of our consultants, the result is a 360-degree understanding of the person behind your consumer.

Focus Groups & IDIs

Focus Groups & IDIs

A highly engaging exercise (for groups, dyads, triads or one-on-ones), in-person focus groups & IDIs provide a comfortable and safe environment for consumers to communicate their thoughts and feelings. Our focus groups & IDIs offer many benefits, including: the ability to see and feel the consumer’s visceral reaction, thoughts and opinions; identification of needs, wants and desires through non-verbal and verbal communication; opportunity for groups to build off of each other’s thoughts; and utilization of psychologically based techniques that enhance the richness of insights. In-person focus groups & IDIs are ideal for:

  • New product usage/tasting
  • Concept exploration
  • Advertising and copy evaluation
  • New packaging exploration
  • Marketing communication evaluation



In-person shop-alongs allow us to observe shopping behavior, consumer reactions to a product’s merchandising and packaging as well as the entire in-store experience. With this technique, we have the ability to examine actual shopping behavior rather than claimed behavior. We’re also able to highlight consumer challenges with real shelf sets, category clutter and out of stock issues. Shop-alongs allow for authentic interaction with consumers and a deeper probe during the process. This method is ideal for:

  • Understanding category shopping behavior
  • Package design feedback (i.e., shelf pop, readability, etc.)
  • Shelf placement and POS understanding
  • Determining merchandising vehicle impacts

Ethnographic Approaches

Ethnographic Approaches

Ethnographic approaches enable us to observe your consumers’ behavior in a non-facility environment—providing a more natural setting that allows consumers to simply be themselves. We achieve this through in-home videos, lifestyle immersions, friendship networks and pre-interview journals. 

In-Home Videos

Catch moments not seen in-person and allow for consumer commentary on behavior without task interruption. In-home videos also enable the IIM team to look in ‘cupboards’ to ask more probing questions. 

Lifestyle Immersion

Enable immersion into consumers’ world through attendance of a lifestyle event (i.e., party, family gathering etc.) and get uninterrupted observation into consumers’ attitudes and behaviors. 

Friendship Network

Allow the IIM team to witness natural, real world dialogue between friends. This approach can provide a deeper view of consumers’ lives and generate more candid insight within a comfortable environment. 

Pre-Interview Journal

Generate rich, participant-driven insight that also captures the participant’s voice through written content and style. This also allows for long-term engagement with the same participants. 

Ethnographic approaches are ideal for:
  • Understanding your target’s needs, wants and desires
  • Uncovering consumer attitudes and behavior
  • Product and package testing (short and long-term use)
  • Ad campaign development and testing
  • New product development
  • Website development

Online & Mobile Approaches

Online & Mobile Approaches

Leverage a blend of technological-based qualitative techniques to access a broader, more diverse and active market. IIM’s online and mobile designs offer a relevant and efficient approach to qualitative research—providing you with virtual solutions that can be customized to fit your business’s needs. Our technology-based qualitative approaches include: 

Online Focus Groups & IDIs

With zero geographic limitations, online focus groups and IDIs allow you to receive access to individuals not easily reachable. This approach also provides a more cost efficient model when compared to traditional groups.

Bulletin Boards/Panels

Similar to online focus groups, this method allows the greatest depth of feedback and is ideal for sensitive topics. Its asynchronous format simplifies scheduling and leads to a more cost effective model. 

Mobile Qualitative

Obtain real-time, in-the-moment feedback with a large audience and see into consumers’ lives through text, photo and video. Driven by the quick and casual nature of the approach, mobile qualitative approaches capture candid feedback. 

Digital Diaries

Collect rich, participant-driven content that showcases a consumer’s voice and perspective. Digital diaries allow for easy feedback communication—through both text and media. It’s also a great approach for long-term engagement with the same participants. 

Online & mobile approaches are ideal for:
  • Concept evaluation and development
  • Product testing (short and long-term use)
  • Purchase considerations
  • Ad campaign development and testing
  • Website development and usability testing
  • Attitudes and behavior tracking
  • Traditional qualitative lead-in or follow-up

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