Kara Kohr

Field Team Leader


Kara Kohr

Field Team Leader

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Keeping the IIM team on track since 2004, Kara uses her 11 years of industry experience to make sure that we’re always one step ahead. Her meticulous attention to detail and magnetic personality helps our field management team deliver awesome results and build great relationships with our clients and partners. Projects managed by Kara and her team run so smoothly, you might forget that you’re working at all.

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Kara's Spotlight

What I geek out over:

Politics! I’m in heaven in the months leading up to an election!

My little-known quirk:

I have a knack for remembering details. Sometimes this is extremely helpful, other times inconsequential. I’ve found it comes in handy on challenging projects and applying findings to future projects. However, the fact I still know my best friend from junior high’s home phone number, not so helpful…

Personal research Jedi mind trick:

The ability to anticipate any hiccups in our recruiting process and have solutions ready for when they happen. I’m like a fortuneteller mixed with a girl scout.

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