Katie Wilson

Assistant Marketing Manager


Katie Wilson

Assistant Marketing Manager

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Katie is the resident deliverables guru here at IIM. Nothing leaves the office without passing under her watchful eyes. Her meticulous attention to detail ensures there is never a stone left unturned. Always willing to partner with our team and clients to get the job done right, Katie not only delivers great end results—she adds fun, laughter and a bit of humor while doing it.

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Katie's Spotlight

What I geek out over:

Politics, news and IT…in that order. I would vote for Bill Gates for president.

My little-known quirk:

I can’t sleep without having a tennis match on in the background. I am a HUGE tennis fan. I watch it almost everyday (even replays of matches on YouTube).

Personal research Jedi mind trick:

My trick is simple; I listen. As the saying goes, “The quieter you become, the more you can hear.”

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