Kristin Burgess

Field Manager


Kristin Burgess

Field Manager

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When one of our clients needs help organizing what insights to uncover, they come to Kristin. As one of our field managers, Kristin works with clients to take on everything from developing screeners to coordinating with facilities to manage recruits. Her positive attitude and enthusiasm make Kristin every client’s ideal point-person on projects.

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Kristin's Spotlight

What I geek out over:

Finding the perfect venue for our annual IIM holiday party every year. When it’s over, I love hearing that everyone had a great time and enjoyed themselves!

My little-known quirk:

Having a lazy day on the couch and watching really bad movies on SyFy. (Sharknado anyone???)

Personal research Jedi mind trick:

I tackle the obstacles and never let them see me sweat.

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