Rob Gulans

Executive Vice President


Rob Gulans

Executive Vice President

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Part mover and part shaker, Rob is responsible for IIM running like the procedural powerhouse that it is. He dots the I’s, crosses the T’s and counts the beans to make sure that all the planning and operations for our team and clients are taken care of. Whether you need a number crunched or have an idea you want to make happen, Rob is your guy.

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What I geek out over:

My alternate fantasy career at NASA. Mention a new probe reaching a far away object and you have my full attention. On a break, my friends are checking out ESPN or TMZ and I’m checking out the latest science news.

My little-known quirk:

I can’t go to bed unless the dishes are finished…even after a late night party.

Personal research Jedi mind trick:

Don’t fake it. If you’re genuine and passionate about what you say and do, people resonate with it.

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