Tracy Paukstys

Sr. Director Marketing & Sales


Tracy Paukstys

Sr. Director Marketing & Sales

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Leveraging 20+ years of marketing and research excellence along with her passion for leadership and strategic thinking, Tracy is responsible for ensuring clients know exactly how IIM can help them.  She thrives on challenges, especially those that help expand the company’s reach.  Keep an eye out for Tracy – you might just see her promoting IIM at the next marketing research conference.

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Tracy's Spotlight

What I geek out over:

The San Francisco 49ers and all things Manning!

My little-known quirk:

I have an unrelenting addiction to diet soda.

Personal research Jedi mind trick:

I have an ability to act as a human Myers-Briggs Type Indicator®. This skill helps me gauge how people think and perceive, which ultimately allows me to form better working relationships.

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