Meet Our Crew

Ron Raskin Ron Raskin

Ron Raskin

Brian Fletcher Brian Fletcher

Brian Fletcher

Caroline Roe Caroline Roe

Caroline Roe

Kara Kohr Kara Kohr

Kara Kohr

Kristin Burgess Kristin Burgess

Kristin Burgess

Tracy Paukstys Tracy Paukstys

Tracy Paukstys

Katie Wilson Katie Wilson

Katie Wilson

Rob Gulans Rob Gulans

Rob Gulans

Stephanie Horvath Stephanie Horvath

Stephanie Horvath

Our Stats


Combined Staff Years of Market Research Experience


Total Number of Brands Consulted for


Most Popular Spirit in the IIM Office Bar


Combined Total Canine Ownership


Total number of Ugly Holiday Sweaters owned by Team


of the Office Roots for the Cubs


Total Combined Miles of Airline Travel Annually

Sweet Caroline

Team Favorite Karaoke Song

Our Values

The five things that make us great.

We’re pithy with a playful personality.

We’re accountable to ourselves, each other & our clients.

We build upon each other for strength & success.

We are fueled by a desire to deliver excellence.

We take our work seriously… not ourselves.

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