3 Ways to Woo Your Customers

July 19, 2015

Want to woo consumers? Time to fluff up the psychologist's couch.

More and more professionals in the financial industry are finding that tips and tricks from that old Psych 101 class hold true when it comes to working with consumers and customers.

Think about it: Consumer behavior is a term that describes how consumers think, feel and react. Psychology is a discipline that seeks to understand behaviors. So, it makes perfect sense that psychological techniques are redefining the way financial industry professionals are understanding and influencing consumer motivations. In fact, there's an entire profession dedicated to the merging of the two fields, called consumer psychologist.

If you're interested in becoming a financial consumer psychologist and bringing a little behaviorism into your career, read on, and learn more about leveraging your inner Freud. Find out more by reading the full article here.

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