Insights in Marketing Identifies 5 Segments that Matter When Marketing to Women

July 5, 2013

Insights in Marketing finds that All US women fit into one of five motivational segments

CHICAGO- July 9, 2013 - Insights in Marketing, LLC (, a full-service marketing research consultancy based in the Chicago area, has identified five distinct motivational segments that truly matter when marketing to women. According to the company's research, this information will help marketers communicate more effectively with women-something that women have clearly stated that they need.

i-on-Women Profiles"People now understand that women control more than $7 trillion in domestic spending and control purchase decisions for 85 percent across most major categories. Yet, only 9 percent of women feel as though marketers are effectively marketing to them," said Brian Fletcher, V.P. of Consulting Services at Insights in Marketing. "We learned that there is a substantial gap between the information that companies have about women and the insights that really matter when marketing to women. Our research revealed insights on the motivational drivers that can really help marketers break through the noise and connect with this critical audience."

Based on the findings, Insights in Marketing developed five Female Motivational Segments that create a complete and clearer picture of what different American women want, need, perceive, and value. The profiles are a Myers-Briggs® like tool designed specially to understand how to motivate women, and provide insight into the "unconscious" of female behaviors and purchase decisions.

The Motivational Segments contain a wealth of insight including household dynamics, personalities, motivators, habits, values, influencers, life meaning, behaviors and more and can be paired with other data to provide category and brand specific insights.

Here's a snapshot of the five segments:

"It's important to note that these segments are not defined by demographics, which enable marketers to avoid typical stereotypes that might be assumed," cautions Fletcher. "Our immediate goal is to bring forth compelling insight that marketers, insights professionals and innovators can apply to relevant, everyday business challenges like designing new products, creating effective brand positioning, and segmenting target consumers."

About Insights in Marketing, LLC:

Insights in Marketing (IIM) is a research-based marketing consultancy that helps clients develop the most complete picture of their target audience so they can build emotional and lasting connections with them.  IIM tackles a variety of key business challenges that keep clients up at night - better understanding consumer & shopper targets, optimizing brand strategy & positioning, elevating messaging and communication and innovating with impact.  IIM's Marketing Consultants leverage their years of client-side experience along with IIM's full suite of research methodologies and various types of psychological and statistical techniques to develop actionable client solutions.  IIM's research methodologies include in-person qualitative, online and mobile qualitative, quantitative and a mixed method or hybrid research.

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