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Mobile Market Research: Using Technology to Gain Deeper, Richer Insights

Why Mobile Research Is Important

ConfirmitWith more than 125 million smartphone and 52 million tablet subscribers in the U.S. by the end of 20121, whether planned or not, many online surveys are being taken from a mobile device. Our own experience as well as industry research2 indicates that roughly 3-7% of surveys are taken on smartphones today, with the number taken on tablets also growing as technology becomes more capable. This highlights how mobile research has an important presence in the research world today and why understanding it is a necessity.

Delivering surveys via mobile devices is all about convenience and efficiency. It is about fitting into consumers ever-busy lifestyles in ways that work for them so that surveys/research are more convenient to complete. In addition, mobile research allows us to reach consumers in situations when it would have been difficult or cost-prohibitive in the past.

Implications for Mobile Research Adoption & Execution

Mobile research is here to stay. So what does that mean for us, as researchers?

Adapting Tools & Techniques to Accommodate Mobile Devices

From a purely executional perspective, we must adapt our research tools to account for mobile device survey completion which involves:

Without adapting our tools and techniques, the survey experience is compromised for the participant, with data quality and completion rates suffering.

Major Benefits & Uses of Mobile Research

Most importantly, the proliferation of mobile devices enables and enriches our research. Researchers can now harness mobile technology to increase consumer engagement and capture higher-quality, more accurate in-the-moment feedback and opinions.

A variety of research objectives can be met and exceeded by utilizing mobile technology to deepen our understanding of the consumer. A few examples where we have seen mobile technology lead to more impactful insights include:

As our research strategies and approaches adapt to the ever-increasing mobile world, our opportunities to get to respondents in-the-moment also increases exponentially - along with our ability to get to even deeper, richer and more relevant insights.

Contact us to learn how mobile research can enrich your research plan today!

1 ComScore "Mobile Future in Focus 2013"
2 Confirmit Annual Market Research Software Survey 2011


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