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Ready to Take Your Qualitative Analysis Mobile? Here’s What You Need to Know

In the past, when people heard the words "qualitative - engagement" and "mobile," texting sprang to mind. Today, however, there are a number of rich and colorful ways to engage with consumers via mobile technology, and the convenience and ease of access can help insight-seekers learn even more about consumers and their behaviors.

Mobile Qualitative

For starters, smart phones, tablets and other devices allow for video sharing, which brings people to life quickly, the way that only in-person research sessions previously allowed. Mobile interaction allows consumers to engage more naturally at a time that's comfortable for them, and enables deeper discussions than texting would ever invite on its own.

Thanks to the real-time engagement of mobile technology, consumers can offer instant, in-the-moment feedback.  Research partners can "tag along" when a consumer is creating a shopping list and then continue the interactions when that consumer is wandering the grocery aisles, making buying decisions. It also allows researchers to tune in to and understand day-to-day challenges, like what to make for dinner on a hectic weeknight.

If you're considering using mobile technology in your approach, consider the following:

Perhaps the best thing about mobile technology is, as a research tool, it can really take clients and their research partners anywhere consumers go. But that doesn't mean it does all the work! It's up to the team to make participation motivating and exciting for the consumer; while that can be challenging, considerations such as those above go a long way towards setting the team up for success!

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